On intelligence, beauty, ugliness and stupidity

Fascination based on mere intelligence is as shallow as on mere beauty, but the latter is more lasting and justified.

Beauty is powerful and wild while intelligence is boring and domestic.

Beauty is born with claws of a raptor. Beauty speaks to the eyes of the beholder, rushes the blood flow, releases endorphins, lulls the mind and creates painstaking details of motives.

While intelligence, which five of the senses does it tempt? How far does one venture with a tremendous longing to acquire intelligence and beg night and day to be enslaved by it? What does intelligence produce but sheer sensation? Has one ever had trouble sleeping envying his neighbour’s intelligence? Intelligence doesn’t even possess any degree of temptation. Intelligence coupled with ugliness, beauty rests upon stupidity. Those are the perfect pairs, if wealth doesn’t count.

Beauty won’t work effectively without stupidity as intelligence without ugliness, all there is left is mediocre intelligence or mediocre beauty, or in other words unnoticed mediocrity. One can tolerate stupidity when it dresses to kill. Ugliness is visibly invisible like colours in air, air in wind, wind in storm.

Beauty blinds, intelligence awakes, and nobody wants to see and be awake.

Stupidity is genetic, ugliness is mendable like untrimmed filthy nails.

Stupidity is some sort of amusement, ugliness disgusts both gods and infants.

Beauty is the highest of all virtue.

Intelligence fills you with a desire to pursue beauty, while beauty, as the senses are fully concerned, never a second drives you to pursue something other than itself.

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