Cake(less) Friday

Randomness rate: high.

Okay, this is March. To me personally, this is the moving month.

Why why? Easy. First, we all gonna move to the new apartment (again). Second, the new office building is ready to be occupied by our warm presence so starting next week all the employees from 3 different buildings are gonna be reunited, and seemingly I will be sitting in a room full of people, unlike now only with 2 other introvert-nice colleagues in a tiny room. Third, I (finally! *wipe sweat*) finished the master program and I must admit that I missed one thing already: the busride in Potsdam.

Anyway,in the office team I’m currently working we usually have our moment of delight called Cake Friday. It used to be held every Friday, but then due to the budget-wise consideration, this enticing-diet-screwing Cake Friday may only be enjoyed every second Friday each month. The cakes are normally abundantly and seducingly displayed on the table consisting of 3 to 4 different tastes, which means 3 to 4 cakes. Yes, 3 to 4 roundshaped cakes.

And recently, it appears that this Cake Friday has been threatened to become Cakeless Friday. One of the colleagues in the team suggested the following. I found the email very entertaining. Not just entertaining, I found it rather cute since the idea comes from a guy or at least he bothers to write it down (or even bake for the team). Have a read:

Hey all,
What with current budgetary considerations and such, the glorious thing that became known to the masses as “Cake Friday” has become a rare beast, and this has become the cause of much lamenting, and wailing, and gnashing of teeth. But fear not, for there is a way out of the dark labyrinth of cakelessness (?). How? I hear you cry. Easy…we bake our own. My very superb and quite brilliant idea (an idea that also percolated up in the grey matter of others so it seems, great minds very much thinking alike) is that every second Friday, three intrepid bakers will hopefully volunteer to bake a cake of their choosing, and present said sweet delights to their esteemed colleagues to much joy and happiness to all that partake of it. Some caveats come with such an arrangement of course. Firstly, if you volunteer, you MUST provide cakey goodness. If for whatever reason you cannot bake your own (such as your oven eloped with the washing machine) then you must simply buy one, since nothing is worse, or more dangerous, than a horde of ravenous software developers, QA engineers and UX whatchamacallits deprived of cake.
Actually that was only one caveat. Can’t think of any more. Oh, wait…no, sorry, only one.
What do you (yes, you) think?

2 Thoughts.

  1. I would love to bake a cake on cake friday.. on behalf of my dear bestie of course.. ;) if it didn’t work out.. there would always be uncle oetker.. ;p

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