Love, love love it can be a wonderful thing. It can make you crazy.

She’s upset. I gave her too many coins.

I want to invite you to join us sitting in this room? I thought it’d be better than to sit there alone. I’ll really consider it, thanks by the way.

Oh no, I don’t want to move to that room full of people.

The one with soya sauce ok?

She keeps talking about her ex, it makes me sick.

You’ve got to solve a math problem first before you can press snooze. Ha ha ha crazy..

I dreamed of having a good brown horse I could talk to then we went to a street market in Indo but what’s weird is I never got the chance to ride it then the dream ended.

Which one? no that’s not blonde. Yea, but more blonde than the other black one.

She’s from Mexico.

So glad we met for lunch.

Got the fever, got the fever got the fever.

People Mountain People Sea. Shanghai Metro.

Your introvert employees would feel stressed out sitting in cubicles.

That Wozniak guy, he used to work for HP rite.

I’m tired. Tired. Tired. All clear now. I’ll get lost. Sorry I can’t change how I feel. The incidents happened way too often. Ok.

Incidents. Happen. Often. Often. Ok.

Gundula Schulze Eldowy.

Yours is reserved until 6 pm.

Bu hao yi si, do you have a pen? Bu hao yi si, no I don’t have a pen. It’s ok, bu hao yi si. Bu hao yi si, I think that guy has. Oh, which one? Bu hao yi si. That one, bu hao yi si.

How to make your vacation in Bangalore unforgettable? Order ice in your drink. May I write that?

Sie kriegen 5 Euro Gutschein von uns. Ah, danke sehr.

What’s the difference between emo and melancholic? Emo is a materialized uncreative attitude of a melancholic.

She’s definitely staring at his buttocks. Well now I am.

I thought that I heard you laughing, I thought that I heard you cry.

It’s Mastro pizza. Why do I keep saying Maestro.

I missed you. I missed being annoyed and needed.

Hit the road Jack no more no more no more

Music is good. Having a big cuddle is good. Laughing is good. Quietness is good. Funny Matt.

This time 10 years ago I was not anyone’s Dad.

Last seen today at 17:01.

Education is what the secular world really believes in.

Muffins are just ugly cupcakes.

10 minutes. Oh shoot. 6 minutes. 1 minute left.

Haraway. Gibson. Baudrillard.Why don’t you just gather and blow up my brain?

What’s SOPA?

I know you’re gonna kick some ass.

Rational adults. We need information, we need data.

How to defend a thesis guidelines. Do not overdress.

Some spaghetti for you in the fridge.

My batteries are all leaking.

The sentences above are bits of information I received today, from articles, from songs, from what people told me or said near me, and what I told myself (Hint No.1: library. Hint No. 2: buttocks). Anyway, Alain de Botton, that Atheism evangelist once said:

What’s the difference between a sermon and our modern secular mode of delivery, the lecture? Well, a sermon wants to change your life, and a lecture wants to give you a bit of information.

Speaking from a Coelhoistic view, I’m very (well pretty.. hmm okay quite) sure that the way the universe tries to communicate (if I would like to think it does) with us is not in the mode of sermon, how easy and nice if it is. It’s more like a big lecture hall full of enthusiasm, boredom and distractions, making out couples behind you, geeks and nerds around (or within) you, a ticking clock (if not digital) and flying paper airplanes, multiple speakers at times taking turns at times simultaneously speaking. Some other times, it’s only filled with silence, empty chairs, and trace of erased sentences on a blackboard.

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